How we help you to compare your product price

Ever wondered - what if the item(s) users buy on a regular basis becomes available at a cheaper cost somewhere else or its price reduces in next few days?

Saving money or having the post purchase satisfaction shouldn't be that stressful, especially when there are policies such as price match or price drop protection available in the market.



A Sanskrit word for "Profit" is an initiative to give users that satisfaction of having a belief that they bought the item at right price or at least having an opportunity to save hard earned money if the price of the item changes within specific timeline.

How do we do that?

We analyse the purchase details and look for the lowest possible price of the exact same item and send the notifications or email or both as per user’s choice.


How to use Labh

Setup Labh & start saving money in following 4 steps:

  1. Scan the barcode of the item you purchased or manual input the purchase url.
  2. Enter the date of purchase.
  3. Enter price of item [Excluding Tax].
  4. Enter number of days as per return policy on receipt.

Our tool monitors prices of your purchased item(s) against various retailers every day for as long as the item is within return window*
*No. of days declared by you on the tool.
Let us know by clicking in price drop tab if a suggestion worked for you.